COVID Update – September & October

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covid update september october

Dear Friends,

It is time for an update regarding our church’s approach to COVID as we move toward the end of summer and peer into the beginning of fall. Let me begin by saying that none of us could have guessed, back in March, that we would still be making COVID-oriented statements in September, but here we are. So, let’s consider a few guiding realities:

1) God is sovereign and knew we would be right in the middle of this situation.
2) God walks with us through valleys, helps us climb up mountains, and even moves those mountains by His power.
3) God’s plan for humanity has not been augmented one iota by this crisis.

With that in mind, COVID-19, and any other challenge the world might face, presents an opportunity for God to move through His Church by providing hope and help so that people can be transformed by Him—our wonderful Creator, Champion, Savior, and King!

Recent data from the CDC shows that people who do not have any comorbidities, especially those who are younger, have a much lower chance of dying from COVID-19 than those who are in any of the higher risk categories.[1] Though that is good news for many, the responsibility still rests upon the Church, as a whole, to demonstrate care and advocacy for those who are at risk.

Quite simply, we will maintain facial covering requirements for those ages ten and up who are not leading or teaching in some capacity. As before, those who have any condition which would warrant them not wearing a mask are exempt as well.

The goal of our mask wearing, social distancing, surface cleaning, hand washing/sanitization, etc. is simply to be as caring as possible for others, especially those who are the most susceptible to severe cases of COVID-19. That is why we respectfully ask at-risk individuals to continue to stay safe and join us online. However, we certainly honor the right of each person/family to make their own determination as to whether they feel they are in the at-risk category. We also ask any people who are sick or feel they may be coming down with an illness to rest, recover, and join us online.

In September and October, Sunday and Wednesday services will continue to be streamed live online. Also, the nursery area will be open and available, but will not be staffed during these months. Children’s church will be offered for 3/4 year-olds and 5/6 year-olds upstairs in the pre-kindergarten hall, just as in the past. Children in 1st through 6th grade will meet in the downstairs class where this group typically gathers.

In the coming weeks, more information will be provided regarding fall Connect Groups and additional classes designed for spiritual growth.

Much Grace and Peace,

Pastor Eric


[1] See https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#Comorbidities.