Project Share

By March 6, 2019 Compassion, Schools
Springfield Assembly - Project Share

You might have heard the name “Project Share” bouncing around the building this winter. Maybe you even participated. But do you know where your donations go?

In the spirit of community, Springfield Assembly Kids Ministries has been partnering with Springfield Schools to share with kids in need. Church members brought in hats, gloves, coats, and warm clothing. These items were distributed among Springfield High School, Schrop Intermediate School, and Spring Hill Elementary School. Project Share also purchased socks for Super Learning Center’s students for Christmas.

Jenny Dennis donated items and said, “It’s such a great feeling to know we can help kids in the community with such simple, yet needed items like hats, gloves, and clothes.”

At Springfield High School, the “Spartans Caring Closet” handled the donations. This judgment-free space provides shoes, jackets, clothing, and small toiletries for students in grades 7-12. In the other schools, counselors assisted with distributing items as needed.

Kim Jurmanovich, the Student Activities Account Clerk at Springfield High School, says, “It has been helpful for students who economically cannot go shopping. The Closet operates solely on donations of both cash, so new items can be purchased, and relevant young-adult clothing. [Springfield Assembly] has been and continues to help in a very real and tangible way.”

Boxes of gently used clothing were provided to Spring Hill Elementary School. Principal David Jurmanovich described students often coming in without gloves, hats, or warm clothes. He and his office staff were grateful to have dry items to provide for them. Children’s needs should be met first and foremost, he explained. Warm clothing is a must.

Teacher Betty Kern, who has been an incredible asset to the physical education program for Springfield Schools, was grateful for socks donated by Project Share. She has often seen the need for basic items. “Kids sometimes come with no socks and it’s hard for them to participate barefoot in class,” she said. “It shouldn’t be – so it’s nice to have items to pull from.”

If you have gently used clothing you wish to donate, a tub will be available by the Kids Church 3/6 room. If you are interested in sharing monetarily, please contact the church office or a staff member.  

Project Share is something we as a church would like to continue to focus on. It is a great way to impact our schools and help students where the need is greatest. Stay tuned for opportunities to continue helping!